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Retreat Catering 

Let us cater your retreat, our retreating packages include: 

- Arrival Refreshments 

- Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

- Derssets, Snacks and Morning Teas & Coffee (optional)

- Table Setting and Cleaning 

- Add on Workshops & Celebration Meals 

Download our Retreat Catering Document for more info, menu, and pricing. 

Grazing & Feasting Tables

Perfect for a celebrative event,  we can tailor it to match your perfect occasion. Carefully designed to set the vibe of your event, it includes local flowers, candles, props etc. 

Entree-sized grazing Table 

Fresh seasonal fruits, pistachio, rose & cranberry bliss. 

Beetroot hummus with heirloom carrots, radishes, and seasonal veggies. 

Byron bay chocolate-coated nuts and berries, a selection of local organic cheese, Byron Bay Olive Co olives & seeded crackers.

Filling Grazing Table

A selection of local organic cheese, Byron Bay Olive Co olives & seeded crackers. Rice paper rolls
Peanut satay tofu bao buns
Beetroot, pumpkin and feta pies

Byron Bay Purple corn chips, Guacamole, Vegan queso, black bean dip
Coopers shoot tomatoes with local organic buffalo mozzarella, and fresh pesto on Sunday sustainable sourdough. Exotic fruits
Byron Bay Chocolate Co
Chocolate Love Cake

Festing Tables 

Beautifully designed table setting, includes flowers, linen napkins & props 

5-10 filling shared dishes 

Dinner Parties & Private Meals


Want a beautiful dinner in the comfort of your own home or accommodation 

We can come to you and cook! 

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