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Creating wholesome food experiences to inspire 

Our mission is to create nourishing food that is beautifully presented, we love to showcase cooking with plants and whole foods. 

We listen to our bodies and recognize that everybody is different.

We can cater to what you desire, whether that be gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or adding healing bone broths and local organic meat to some dishes.

The produce used is carefully selected from local farmers, markets, and local suppliers.

Byron Bay has the climate for a variety of fresh high- vibrational foods.

We try our best to use as much local and organic produce as possible.

Meet Aja 

My love language is creating eatable rainbows, food that is vibrant, nourishing and visually beautiful. 

My travels and love for nature has formulated my style of cooking, Inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, rich spices, and exotic tropical fruits.

I like to embrace traditional cultures and cuisines while combining revolutionary and innovative techniques into my dishes.

For me, cooking is not only about eating, it's about the processes from farming & and growing to sharing and enjoying and the healing benefits. 

If I'm not cooking, I'm styling! 

To me food and flowers are the perfect duo, I have an immense passion for food styling and making things pretty. 

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